You are looking for a thermal coffee maker to keep your coffee taste “fresh” for longer and keep it at temperature during the hours it’s sitting in your kitchen or on your table. Which one performs best and at what price? See our top picks which ensure you get value for money.


Frigidaire Professional Thermal Carafe Coffee Maker

Frigidaire-Professional-TheKeep your coffee hot and fresh-tasting for up to 8 hours with the stylish stainless-steel 10-Cup Frigidaire Professional Thermal Coffee Maker. Select your preffered coffee strength and the PowerPlus brewing system ensures your decadent brew is just right


  • Thermal stainless-steel carafe keeps coffee hot
  • Adjustable strength settings and 24 hrs programmable
  • Water filtration system ensures better tasting coffee
  • System distributes hot water evenly over coffee grounds for optimal flavor

Last seen price : $99.99          Check current price at amazon

Cuisinart DTC-975BKN Thermal 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

Cuisinart-DTC-975BKN-ThermaNewest edition in thermal coffee makers,  features a carafe that is made of brushed stainless steel which is so efficient that it keeps coffee hot for 8 hours and warm for 12. The patented pour through lid keeps the air out and coffee fresh preserving that great coffee flavor.


  • 12-cup, double-wall insulated, stainless steel carafe
  • Completely automated with 24-hour programmability
  • Patented brew-through and pour-through lid
  • Comes with instruction book and 3-year warranty

Last seen price : $99.95           Check current price at amazon


BUNN BTX-B(D) ThermoFresh 10-Cup Thermal Carafe Coffee Brewer


Patterned after BUNN’s commercial & restaurant brewing systems, The stainless-steel tank holds the brew water at approximately 200˚F, the temperature required to extract the maximum flavor from coffee. produces 10 cups of coffee in about 3 minutes.


  • Commercial-grade exterior materials with stainless steel internal water tank
  • Patented sprayhead design improves coffee flavor extraction
  • Thermostat keeps water at optimal brewing temperature
  • 3-Year limited warranty

Last seen price : $109.99          Check current price at amazon


Advantages of a thermal coffee maker


A thermal coffee maker is usually a bit more expensive than a regular one made of glass for example. The durability however, is way longer than that of a regular one. It’s unbreakable, no matter how hot you wash it or how many times you let it drop, it wil last you for years to come.


Thermal coffee makers are very portable, you can place a thermal carafe on the living-room table, take it with you to work, outside, on the boat, you can take it pretty much anywhere you want to and the coffee will stay hot and fresh for hours.


You can use a thermal coffee carafe to keep your coffee hot, but you can also use it to keep your ice tea ice cold. For heating purposes, fill the carafe with hot water and let it sit for a few minutes prior to brewing or filling with a hot beverage of choice. For cold drinks do the same with cold water.


Thermal coffee makers are more efficient in saving enery. A regular drip coffee maker is equipped with a warming plate to keep the coffee from cooling down for as long its sitting in the glass carafe. This is also the cause for the burned taste coffee gets after being on a warming plate for too long. A thermal carafe does not need to be warmed up by an external source. It simply preserves the energy inside.