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Bunn mcu single cup multi-use brewer review / my cafe mcu

BUNN-MCU-Single-Cup-If you’re looking for a new coffee maker that provides a variety of useful functions, you may have just hit the jackpot with the newest creation from BUNN. The BUNN MCU Single Cup Multi-Use Brewer, or more simply BUNN My Cafe MCU, is an innovative option that packs a lot of power and surprising versatility. Ultimately, we are thoroughly impressed with its overall performance, though a few aspects of the brewer could use a bit of work.

Perhaps the most surprisingly and useful aspect of the brewer is its incredible capacity for multi-function use. Most new brewers that are made these days are only usable with one particular kind of pod of single-use cup. This limits options. The BUNN My Cafe MCU does use most K Cups, but it can also brew a whole cornucopia of other options including: loose tea, ground coffee, and tea bags. However, because the product also has the ability to simply prepare hot water, it can be used in endless ways like the preparation of hot chocolate, noodles, or soup. This adds to its diversity significantly.

A big part of the BUNN My Cafe MCU is its many brewing drawers. The brewing drawers are the main driving force behind its versatile powers. Each drawer has a specified use that it was specifically built to brew. Initially, this may seem unnecessarily complicated. However, a quick reading of the categorized uses of each drawer will allow the savvy user to employ the correct drawer every time for optimal results.

BUNN-MCU-Single-Cup- 2We love that the BUNN My Cafe MCU has a Pulse Brew option. This setting is great for coffees with robust taste and full bodied flavor. It works by placing coffee ground in direct contact with the hot water for a set period of time. This results in the more vibrant flavor. For those who prefer a simpler and weaker cup of joe, there are options that will result in this type of coffee as well.

The product is also an energy saver. It has been engineered to work at record speeds while utilizing the least amount of energy as possible. The quickest setting makes coffee in under a minute. This feature is time saving and environmentally friendly.

The main complaint that we have with this brewer is that unfortunately, it does not come equipped with a sizeable water tank like some of our other favorite brewers. Instead, it simply has a low capacity water holder built in. It doesn’t hold as much water as we’d like. This means that water must be added regularly. The maximum brew size is still 14oz, which is a pretty hefty amount. Nonetheless, it would be an added advantage to have a water storage center to house more water, resulting in less maintenance and fuss with the machine.

Nonetheless, despite this singular drawback, we love the expansive set of options that come attached to the product. We also appreciate it’s sleek appearance and modern style and think it would look great in any kitchen.

It should also be noted that this product shouldn’t be used with water that lacks sufficient mineral presence. The coffee or tea simply won’t brew correctly if such water is used.

BUNN-MCU-Single-Cup 3

-The ability to use pods, K Cups, loose tea, ground coffee, tea bags and other soft pod units, or simply dispense water
-Brews 4 to 14oz of liquid
-Carefully marked grid on the water tank
-Option for Pulse Brew, resulting in rich, robust coffee

-Multi-function with separate brewing drawers
-Pulse brew option
-Brews in less than 60 seconds
-Sleek and attractive
-Energy efficient

-Doesn’t work well with low mineral or distilled water
-Doesn’t have extensive water storage

Rating : 4.2 Stars (4.2 / 5)

There are many things to love about this the BUNN My Cafe MCU. The various drawers make it possible for the brewer to create a variety of different beverages, and the ability to simply dispense hot water expands its versatility even further. Though the drawers take a bit of time to get used to, ultimately operation is simple. The unit is quick and energy efficient which is a plus. Finally, while we wish we didn’t have to worry about the type of water employed, the sleek unit is a great addition to any kitchen.

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