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Buy cheap k cups in bulk / all flavors

k cups in bulkWhen you regularly use K cups for your favorite morning beverage it can easily become quite expensive. It won’t be long before you start to wonder if there are possibly cheaper ways to acquire you’re so loved but pricey k-cup brand and flavor. Luckely, the answer to that quastion is.. yes   Through amazon you can buy K=cups in bulk at a reduced rate plus on top of that, if your order exceeds 35 dollar it also gets shipped to your doorstep totally free of charge, no strings attached whatsoever. If you want you can even subscribe to a periodically automated delivery (timeframe and amount to be delivered at choice) and receive an additional discount of 5 to 15% on your purchase. Below you can find information on both the one time purchase option and the so-called “subscribe” option.

One time purchases at a reduced rate in bulk

Amazon sells K-Cups in the following amounts/packages:  96 cups, 80 cups, 72 cups and 50 cups. The discounted rates depend on the brand and flavor you choose but in general they are around 10% cheaper than the regular online price and up to 40% cheaper than over the counter in a physical store.  If your order exceeds 35 dollar in total there will be no shipping costs. Your order doesn’t have to consist out of K-Cups alone. you can order anything they sell along with the K-Cups as long as the total sum of your order exceeds the 35 dollar threshold, shipping will be free of charge. (If you buy a package with more than 70 cups you will usually exceed the threshold).  Below you can find an overview of some of the bulk packages they sell,

K-Cups 96 count:

ImageKindPrice per servingPackage price
ImageKindPrice per servingPackage price
green mountain breakfast blend Green Mountain Coffee K-Cups, Breakfast Blend,96-Count$0.52$49,79
green mountain coffee people donut shop Coffee People Donut Shop Coffee, Regular Medium Roast, 96-Count$0.55$53.23
Caribou Coffee Daybreak Morning BlendCaribou Coffee Daybreak Morning Blend,96-Count$0.52$49,79
Green Mountain Coffee K-Cups, Nantucket BlendGreen Mountain Coffee K-Cups, Nantucket Blend, 96-Count$0.55$53.01

Click here for an overview of all 96 count bulk packages or here for a full overview of packages in al sizes.

Buying K-cups at a reduced rate via the subscribe and save method

If you want to save an additional 5 to 15% via the subscribe and save method you can Click here and follow the onscreen instructions on Amazon.

Green Mountain Coffee K-Cups, Nantucket Blend


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